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We are tree solution experts who pair innovative software and specialist equipment with a partnership approach to create a legacy that serves both our customers and the environment.

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EDEN4 is a comprehensive tree and asset management software platform that is set to revolutionise the tree and asset management industries.

Utlising advanced technology, including cutting-edge data capture, AI algorithms, and GIS technology, EDEN4 provides
users with detailed data capture, mapping, and real-time tracking of trees and assets.

Our user-friendly and highly customisable interface is built for seamless collaboration and scalability, making it perfect for various applications such as tree and asset management, risk identification/mitigation, bushfire compliance, nature education, workflow management, and more.

Key Features:

  • Data Collection (including but not limited to tree/asset detail, environmental value of tree/asset, tree/asset history, tree/asset tracking, tree/asset lifecycle)

  • Auto-Generative Reporting

  • Industry Leading Mapping:

    • Highly accurate & detailed imagery/mapping

    • Interactive map layers

  • Fully Customisable:

    • Attributes

    • Dashboards

    • Reports

  • Digital Dashboards:

    • User-friendly interface

    • Allows users to easily perform advanced data analytics

    • Capture & display key information

    • Real-time data tracking

    • Protected by authorised access permissions

  • Powerful Data Visualisation Tools that simplify Complex Workflows & Data

  • Designed specifically for 3rd party integration with project partners

Plant & Equiptment

Vegetation management and tree removal is substantial work requiring specialist access equipment, which is specific to each of our core service divisions. After more than 30 years, Austral’s fleet of industry-compliant equipment and machinery is unrivalled.

Our dedicated Fleet Manager and in-house mechanical workshop ensure our vehicles are always operational and ready for local and remote location work, while any breakdowns are repaired faster, eliminating downtime.

With an eye on the future, we are continually investing in new methodologies and technologies to help manage our specialist fleet. This commitment to leading the industry has seen us develop our EDEN4 fleet workflow solution.

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