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Local & State

Austral Tree Service is a comprehensive tree management company with expertise and experience in an all-inclusive range of tree related works.


What We

Local & State Government Tree Service

Maintaining community environments.

Public trees that are healthy and safe require much more than sunlight and rain. In an ever warming climate, our clients require the most responsive and innovative tree solution management system.

Our patented Asset Management platform EDEN4 provides world leading workflow management for individual street and park trees. The eden4 cloud solution has the ability to accurately track and manage any green asset through its whole life journey.

Our expertise in tree management includes:

  • Block Pruning

  • Climbing

  • Complex Rigging

  • Crane works

  • Veteran Tree Management

  • Stump removal

  • Excavator assisted removals


Austral has delivered a total tree management service for more than 70% of councils in South Australia alone. Our value, quality of work and professional, community-minded approach are key reasons behind our long-term association with local and state government.


Through our innovative EDEN4 technology, we promise our clients unrivalled results, industry-leading practises and safe, cost effective solutions.

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